Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Master Socialist Plan

First of all, refresh your memory and read this.

It's really becoming quite clear. The socialization of our country has started. If you read the above post, and read the link that was provided, you should be drawing some conclusions by now. But, let me lay them out.

It started with the "economic crisis". All along Obama said that doing nothing wasn't an option. That doing nothing would certainly plunge us in to another depression. Of course, we know now he was wrong.

But, it made for good politics. Plus, it started the "collar and leash" tactic of the progressives. Everything done with a purpose. In the case of the stimulus, it accomplished two things. One, political payback for supporters. One has to simply look at where the money went to draw the obvious conclusion. Two, grow the voter base. Virtually all of the money went to expand or support government. Sure, there were jobs created. Not many. But, they were all in the public sector. The trillion dollar stimulus had virtually no effect on the economy or unemployment. But, by expanding government, it added to the voter base. In fact, there was no real concern about the private sector. Everyone knows that Obama could have taken another approach and really targeted the private sector with stimulus funds. But, he chose not to. On purpose.

Starting to see the bigger picture?

The private sector is where republicans live. Business owners are more about tax incentives, interest, and market forces. Nothing in the stimulus addressed anything of worth for private business.

Now look at the bail outs. GM . . . unions. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac . . . government controlled. Other bailouts turned in to take overs of another sort in that following the action limits were put on pay and bonuses. Leash and collar.

In the mean time, the economy continued to suffer and unemployment climbed to 10%. For the socialists, this was good news. It simply meant an opportunity to leash and collar more people. Make them dependent on government. Make them democratic voters.

Also, the war was being completely ignored. While not directly related to the leash and collar tactic, successes in Afghanistan would be a distraction . . . and would provide the previous President with some credit. Couldn't have that. As long as hundreds of soldiers weren't dying the war could be ignored for a bit.

At this point, Obama could have focused his attention to the real issue of the economy and jobs. After all, create jobs and the economy improves and people get the healthcare they need through that job. Hopefully, of course. Even if not, much better to have a job than not.

Except, Obama went after healthcare. This, again, was by design. Target those without jobs and those without insurance. . . promise them they'll never have to worry about getting proper healthcare . . . and you've got democratic voters. Leash and collar. This was so important that the socialists took a rather large political gamble. Most of the country was against the type of reform Omarxist was talking about. But, they pushed it through anyway.

I do think the progressives were caught off guard by the huge backlash initially. They weren't ready or armed for such a response at the time. And, word has it, of all the people you might be able to blame for the slow reaction to the backlash is Rahm Emmanuel. Mr. Rahm it through actually wanted the administration to slow down on the issue. I also think they were caught a bit off guard by the Scott Brown win. Not to say they didn't have a backup plan. If anyone thinks they weren't ready to lose that democratic seat, you'd be wrong. What it did mean was that they had to do what they wound up doing . . . push the bill through using any means possible. Sure, they wanted healthcare reform. But, more than that, they wanted voters. Leash and collar.

You might be wondering about the backlash over all spending that occurred. Quite honestly, it didn't matter. One, they would make it look as though Omarxistcare was deficit neutral, that it would bring down the deficit. That's all a bunch of bunk, of course. But, they'd have the CBO release a report substantiating their claim. Between that and other accounting slight of hand, they'd sell it to the public as being deficit friendly. Again, it didn't matter it was a lie. Voters.

At this point, the marxists also passed a jobs bill. It's a joke. But, with the tea parties as geared up as they were . . . and are . . . they needed to do something to show the sheep they cared. The jobs bill is one, a piss in the ocean in terms of cost. And two, does virtually nothing. The tax breaks really only benefist those businesses who are in a position of making new hires anyway. Businesses don't hire simply because of a tax break. They hire because business warrants it.

Now, getting back to the political gamble. At this point, now that the legislation passed, the marxists are exhibiting confidence. Again, you might think this strange with all the opposition. Again you'd be wrong. That's why immigration is next. Not cap and tax. Not a better jobs bill. Not real education reform (what they passed is simply support for the status quo. No significant change). Not the war. Immigration reform. Here they will target all the illegals already here and clear a path for them not only to become citizens, but get on omarxistcare as well. Leash and collar. Millions more voters for the progressives. The marxists will likely move swiftly on immigration. They want those people available this November to vote.

That's why they're feeling confident. They've kept the economy from any real recovery. They've bought or paid off democratic voters. They've increased the public sector thereby increased democratic voters. They passed a bill that they can now sell to the unemployed and soon to be legal immigrants, thereby, again, adding democratic voters. And will soon start the campaign that the republicans are evil. That they opposed this wonderful legislation that provides healthcare to those that need it most.

As I write this, the strategy of painting the tea party protesters as violent has already started.

But, will it work? I don't know. The dems have a long history of out playing the republicans at this kind of game. The one hope is that omarxistcare begins to noticeably fail, and that the tea party protesters continue the fight.

This is a carefully orchestrated plan by marxists of socializing this country. It began with a manufactured crisis. We will go from being a republic to being a democracy. And with that, will for a long, long, long, time empower government. The main reason the constitution was written.

Strangely enough . . . and maybe not . . . the one person, I think, who seems to get it?

Sarah Palin. That's why they hate her so much. She's absolutely right.


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