Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Brett Favre

I actually had a post ready to go on Favre's retirement. But, I got sick and couldn't even look at my computer. I know, I know! That's sick . . . in many ways. Anyway, like many, the original news seemed vague and talked about some possible miscommunication. So, my initial thought was, oh, really?

Well, as we know now, yes, really.

I watched the replay of his press conference. I gotta tell you, I was crying. I really felt for him. In as much as I thought he thought this was the right decision to make it still had to be one of the more difficult decisions he's ever made. He feels as though he can still play, and probably wants to, but just can't take on the enormous emotional and mental toll it takes. That's pretty honest. He had every opportunity to simply say he wants to be with his family, he's getting old, the injuries hurt too much, but he didn't. He told us from his heart. The same way he played the game.

Tom Pippins made a comment about his press conference. That he tossed the idea of a prepared speech for the one he gave. Tom felt Brett stayed true to himself right to the very end. A freelancer on the field, a freelancer at the press conference. I couldn't agree more.

After his statement Brett answered questions for a bit. I thought all of his answers were well stated. Humble and from the heart.

So, what now? Again, I think there's a lot to be hopeful for in Aaron Rogers. He's got quite an arm and may surprise us. As for Brett . . . tv analyst? I doubt it. Brett seems like he'll be happy spending this time with his family. Not that he couldn't do it. If such morons as Steve Young and Emmit Smith (with all due respect to their past professions) can get the gig, Brett certainly could. It takes a certain egomaniac to want to get in to that area of broadcast and while it fits most of who do it, it wouldn't fit Favre. I'm sure we'll see Warren Saap on ESPN soon.

Anyway, thank you Brett. For what you brought to football, the NFL, the Green Bay Packers, and to us fans. Take back and enjoy your life now. I wish you all the best.

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