Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Academy A-snore-ds

Does anyone really care? This article asks that question. I've admitted to being an awards show junkie. I've also said I think, in principal, they're rather lame and self serving. Still, it's chance to see people all dressed up acting like fools. With shows like the Oscars you can tell these people take themselves waaaaaay too seriously.

But this is a particularly interesting year. Of the nominated films, only Juno did in excess of 100 million. Additionally, none of the movies have huge names in them.

Should that matter? I definitely think the desire to have a big name in a film often hurts more than it helps. It's often done simply for box office draw and not because the person chosen is any more talented than a lesser know actor. In fact, in many cases the choice of a big name ruins the film, in my opinion. For the Oscars, however, big names means viewers. Without any big names in this year's crop of movies the Oscars aren't going to seem very compelling. Which doesn't bode well for the designers who want to have the biggest names wearing their designs.

Still, I'll watch. I like the fact that there are lesser known names this year. Maybe there will be some humility.

Nah. I doubt it.

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