Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No games . . . just vote

I know there are strategies out there in which to vote. The strongest opinion seems to be to vote for Shrillary even as a republican, to give her whatever edge she can over Obama. Obama is viewed as our worst enemy though our most powerful one. It's thought that Shrillary can be defeated . . . Obamathon cannot.

Well, I can't. First, it would cause me nightmares to draw that line on the ballot. I just can't. More than that, though, whatever power Shrillary has in terms of the "Clinton Machine", I don't want to add to it. She's starting to pull out the concealed weapons, so to speak, to try and muscle her way in for the democratic nomination. I don't trust her. Whatever she can do in the primary, she can do in the general election. She should be very beatable. But, she's not. Plus, McCain is not that electable, though he should be.

Anyway, I'm going to vote for McCain and not play any of the games out there. Back who I believe in and be done with it.

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