Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Well it's toward the end of the day and what a storm! It doesn't seem quite over yet so things as far as getting around won't be easy for a day or so yet.

Which makes, in retrospect, the article by TMJ4, all the more irresponsible. This was a bad storm. Not real cold, but a lot of snow. My wife went to the store only 8 blocks away and almost got stuck. I can't imagine anyone being so stupid as to try and take their family to Chucky Cheese or Stone Fire Pizza because the kids were home from school.

Not only that, but how unimaginative does TMJ4 think we parents are? FIrst, you see that snow out there? As I mentioned, it wasn't particularly cold out . . . go out and play! My girlie and her cousin were outside 70% of the time today. The girls would come in just to have their clothes dried, have a little snack, and . . . back out.

Why would anyone recommend trying to travel anywhere in weather like this?

As a daddy, I don't get a lot of extra days with my girlie. A snow day like this is a perfect opportunity to have some fun with her. Let's see, we could work on homework together, play games, watch a movie or two, read together, take some pictures or video to send to grandma in Arizona, practice piano together, call grandma, make slime, do a puzzle, make lunch and dinner together, listen to music and watch her dance, and PLAY OUTSIDE!

It boggles my mind someone would recommend not only putting themselves and their kids in danger, but to also recommend things that doesn't promote family time. Does it have to be about spending money to pacify your kids? To a degree, I'm lucky. My girlie loves family time and doing simple things. But, I give my wife and I a lot of credit as we've raised her in that manner.

Well, enough of my rant. Hopefully every parent was smarter than the recommendation of TMJ4 and understood that a severe snow storm meant going out would be foolish, and stayed home to have some quality time with their children.

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Claude said...

As I live in River Falls, I didn't read the TMJ article...but let's hope this same advice wasn't given to all the motorists trapped on I-90 south of Madison!

That's irresponsible journalism, if you ask me.