Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Show Must Go On!

No, not the Oscars, my girlie's birthday party! This weekend my girlie, who is now 8, celebrated her birthday in decadent style. She wanted a chocolate-themed birthday party . . . and sleep over! If you follow this blog you know this was supposed to happen last weekend, but thanks to my daughter's curse, she was sick and we had to post pone until this weekend. Well, everyone originally invited saw fit to squeeze Jamie in to their busy little schedules and so it was on. My girlie and 7 of her best buds . . . I mean, BFF's were about to get their party on.

So, I get sick. Really sick. Fever sick.

I think anyone who knows me knows that I take my daddying very seriously. So not being able to be a part of the preparations and potentially the celebration of my girlie birthday is heart wrenching. But, you gotta take care of number one first if you're to be of any good to anyone else. So, I had to sit this one out a bit.

Now, anyone who knows my wife knows there is no "half way", no "cutting corners", no "scaling down", no "do it the easy way". Nope. Nope. Nope. Doesn't matter if it's our wedding anniversary party or my daughters 8th birthday party, you go all out and make it special. Not that I disagree with that. But, when I do up a football party it's a bit different from how my wife does it. Yes, in most cases, thankfully so. But there are times when taking an easier approach to things doesn't lessen the enjoyment people get out of it.

She'll dispute that. And she'll be right. People notice the little things and it does add to everyone's enjoyment. One of the many reasons I love her to death.

Anyway. So, along come 8 girlies looking to party on. My wife had everything ready. All I had to do was enjoy it and at one point read a story. The girls did crafts, went outside and played in Jamie's playhouse, built a chocolate house, played some games, and ended the evening with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They stayed up a bit past midnight just so so we could say it was the next day. They all slept like cute little rocks until about 7:30. Then, my wife made pancakes, they did chocolate fondue, and ended the morning learning the Oompa Loompa dance from the DVD. It was wonderful.

All the girls are a part of my wife's Brownie Troop so we both know them pretty well. Still, they were a great bunch of girls. No fighting, bickering, nothing. They all had fun and were a pleasure to have.

First today I'm feeling better and can help out by cleaning up a little. Very little. Jackie did most of that, as well.

I'm a lucky guy to be blessed with two wonderful girls in my life. I love you both very much.

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