Thursday, February 05, 2009

Because Obama says so!

I've heard, and read, for years liberals harping on about the hole Bush has put us in. Particularly when it came to the war. We know now that all of the recent bailouts of just the past few months will exceed the costs of every war America has ever engaged in . . . combined! OK, with war there's loss of life, destruction, etc. I get it. They're different.

But, why is it seemingly so OK for Obama to put us in such huge, economic debt?

Just because Obama says it's OK?

Obama himself said we need swift action, and a big action to start to undo a problem that took years to develop. But, he went on to say that this is just a small bite of the elephant.

Well, let's take a huge bite. Let's make it 2 trillion dollars. Heck, make it 5 trillion dollars. Why not? It's just "debt". If a little will stimulate the economy a little, then let's go big!

We'll all be dead, anyway. So, will our kids . . . and their kids . . . and their kids. Why not? Just keep the money machines going and pour massive debt on the country. I don't see why not. It's not like we have the money anyway.

So, do it right. I'm not against the stimulus because it's too much. I'm against it because it's not enough.

UPDATE: New reports are coming in that about 78 billion dollars of the bailout have been over paid. Chicken Feed! Besides, what do you expect? We're trying to spend a trillion dollars in a week's time. Mistakes are going to happen. Let's just hope they're all that small.

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