Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I think refrigerators are taken for granted. They are the life source of the house. Not like a heart, though. More like a pancreas in that it stores vitals necessary for sustenance.

One probably doesn't think much of a refrigerator. Unless they go bad. Again, like the pancreas.

We bought a Maytag about 9 years ago. Side by side. Ice maker, water, adjustable shelves . . . loaded. We bought it at the Sears outlet. It was a new unit that had some cosmetic damage. We didn't care. A few scratches? It's a Maytag!

What a piece of shit.

Over the years we've had nothing but problems with it. The door shelves would fall. The lower drawer pegs broke, and since the drawer assembly was a one piece integral unit, it affected all the shelves. Plus, the pegs were part of the chassis. A tube of liquid nail in each hole couldn't keep them in place.

The door seal started to peel. It was noisy. Cooling was spotty. We had repair out a few times over the years. We've hated it for the past few years.

It finally died. Took out some ice cream the other day and found I didn't need to microwave it. Not a good sign.

But, what a pain in the butt being without a functioning fridge is. Everything had to come out, put in coolers or taken to the neighbors . . . plus, so much of what you need from day to day, many times a day, is in the fridge!

So, we have a new one. Bastards are expensive. So, again, we went to Sears outlet. And again, we found a new unit with some cosmetic damage.

But, it ain't a Maytag. Nine years later and their design still sucks. We bought Kenmore. I wanted an LG. Turns out, LG makes the Kenmore refrigerators.


So, be nice to your fridge. Thank it every now and then for keeping your food fresh, beer cold, and ice cream frozen.


Coop said...

Sad to hear that Maytag's quality has declined in recent years. We used to have a Maytag dryer that lasted a good long time before it finally gave up the ghost. It had its share of repairs over the years (timer and thermostat, once each), but it was good to us. Good call on Kenmore though; we had several Kenmore appliances when I was growing up, and they all served us well.

Jimi5150 said...

Us, too. We bought a refurbished Maytag dryer that must have lasted 15 years. A refurb! Guess it depends on what you buy. Whirlpool took over some time ago. They ain't no great shakes with refrigerators, either.