Friday, February 20, 2009

Brett Favre . . . I told you so.

OK. This is old. But, I'm finally getting around to a few topics I've been wanting to comment on. And Brett's one of them.

"Part of me coming back last year, I have to admit now, was sticking it to Ted (Thompson),''

Remember, Brett told Greta he had just retired too early. And that when he tried to engage in talks with the Packers all he heard were crickets. That wasn't true, of course, and the drama ensued.

Seems now, everything the Packers said was true, and it was Brett who was doing the lying. All because of his ego.

Brett wanted Moss badly. What a nice statement that is to Driver, Jennings, and Franks . . . and others. Not only that, but he put himself above the team thinking he knew better than anyone else what the Packers should do.

As did his shenanigans throughout the process. Brett didn't give one rip about Aaron Rodgers. It was all about what Brett wanted. A spoiled little boy throwing a tantrum.

Finally, what a nice slap in the face to the Jets. "Well, I just went out with you so I could make my old girlfriend jealous."

Trying to stick it to Ted and all he managed to do was waste a season for the Jets, and severely tarnish his reputation. He could have gone out a hero. A true legend. Now he'll be forever remembered as a Diva. Spoiled, self absorbed, selfish, and thinking he could do it all.

Nice season, Brett.

Well, I told you so. I said Brett had no intention of playing for the Packers this past season. That he was doing everything he could to essentially be fired so he could do what he wanted. The Packers played their hand perfectly.

You lost, Brett. In a big way.

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