Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama's Press Conference

Yes, he's a better speaker than was Bush. Much better than Hillary or McCain would have been. No question. But, there were some interesting things about his delivery and his message.

First, he never looked at the camera. I know a bunch of reporters were right there in front of him. But, he could have included the camera as one of his stopping points through his rotation. I found it a little off putting.

As far as his message goes, I'll admit, there are some smartly types that agree with Obama and his plan. Some who say we're not doing enough spending. But, make no mistake, there are many others who disagree with Obama. Again, smartly types. A bunch took out an ad in the NY Times saying as much.

Of all the articles I've read, one that seems to make the most sense, is the supposed need for a quick, comprehensive package to deal with our current situation. Instead, separate the spending plan from the tax cut plan. Debate them on their own merits. In spite of Obama's insistence of a quick passage, much of his plan won't go in to effect until 2010 to 2012. What's another week, or more, to really work this out?

Fact is, there is no easier, faster way to to get money in to the people's hands and stimulate the economy than through tax cuts. Yes, there are those who disagree and site examples. Problem with the examples I'm sure that will be cited is that spending also grew. This was Reagan's mistake, Bush's mistake, and is about to become Obama's mistake. If you look at those States that cut taxes and balanced their budgets, those States did or are doing very well. Make no mistake, Obama is increasing spending . . . a lot. Some have said he's doing essentially the same thing Bush did with his policies . . . and that they won't work. Now, spending that creates jobs is different from spending that's simply pork. There's a return on the former. But, I've heard that the return on each job created would have to be around $100,000 to pay back the cost of the spending. That's if it generates the best case possible creation of jobs. Even then, that's a lot of money for an individual to pay back.

When asked about Afghanistan, Obama sounded like . . . well, a lot like Bush. He said it was a challenging situation, and wouldn't commit to any timelines. Huh. Funny how one's perspective changes when you go from observer to being in charge.

Anyway, his delivery certainly didn't suck. But his message . . . well . . . when you have the likes of an idiot like Pelosi drafting trillion dollar packages in a week's time and trying to tell us that it's been "carefully crafted" I'll let you be the judge.

I'm not too hopeful.


Coop said...

If you watch him when he speaks, you'll notice he always looks in the same two places, and never at the camera or the audience. Dollars to donuts, that's where his teleprompters are.

Jimi5150 said...

No question.