Friday, April 03, 2009

Caaan. Youuuu. Digiiiiiiiiit?

So, I come across some old DVD's. I see three titles I had to buy.

First one, Warriors. Pretty much the first movie for crazy man David Patrick Kelly, and one of the first for James Remar. Great movie. "Warriors . . . come out to plaaaayay!" Turns out that whole click the bottles together and taunt the Warriors was David's idea.

Second, and this one scared me at the time, Gargoyles. A TV movie, but I think I was . . . oh . . . 5 at the time. Yeah, that's it. Five. It also started a small gargoyle obsession, I've got them all over the place. Guess I don't want to piss them off. Although, they are for protection.

Lastly, Some Kind of Wonderful. After watching that movie, I had a thang for Mary Stuart Masterson for a bit. Cute movie. Corny. But fun to watch.

Good stuff for the library and a rainy day.

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