Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ecomaniacal liberals

It takes a certain level of idiot to think they can, with any certainty, alter Mother Nature. Of the many beefs I have with the global warming zealots is that man, with as short of time we've been here, and as little space we actually occupy, has had any affect on earth's climate.

Sure, we can screw things up on a small scale. Rivers, lakes, forests, even big cities with their air pollution, are all clearly influenced by our being here. But, globally? No. Nothing we do can compare to the destruction nature itself can yield. Be it an earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricanes, natural forest fires, tornadoes, tidal waves . . . nothing.

Unfortunately, ecotards exist. While I'm not surprised, I am greatly dismayed that Obama, and the rest of his merry men, actually think they can control the Earth's climate through climate engineering. Actually, I'm more than dismayed, I'm frikkin' scared. It's one thing to rack up debt and destroy any hope for future generations. It's another thing to destroy the planet.

First, we're not the only ones here. Think other countries might want a say in this?

Second, it took several volcanic eruptions over the course of a decade to lower the temperature of the Earth about half a degree for about three years. Think of the magnitude of that. Do you really think we're capable of pumping that amount of particulate and sustaining it?

Third, you don't think there would be negative consequences to this?!?!?! What happens when another volcano decides to blow? Sulfates would be the particle of choice. What happens when it falls back to Earth? We have lots of particles in the atmosphere now. Some reflect the Sun's energy helping cool the planet. Some trap heat helping to keep the planet warm. Think adding more particulate might actually increase warming?

Fact is, no one knows what the consequences would be. This is beyond looney. It's dangerous. It is about as radical and irresponsible as an idea can be. But, you know Obama . . .

"Well, ha ha ha, you know, we can't just sit back and, umm we have to take the lead and ha ha ha, look at the humor of those, ummm, errr, look at how we got here, ummm, a big umbrella, really, and that's funny, ha ha ha, err we'll deal with the consequences, ha ha ha boy, maybe I could get a season named after me, ha ha ha."

Speaking of which, take the time and read this post about the arctic ice cores.

So, satellite data doesn't support warming, ocean robots don't support warming, empirical data doesn't support warming, and now the ice cores support what we've known all along, that the Earth warms and cools all on its own.

A Brave New World, people. A brave new world.

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