Friday, April 03, 2009

Lights out for Khamari Hardwick

"Butt reaming asshole" is how Keeanu put it in Parenthood.

The story of Khamari really hit me. I wasn't going to post about it, particularly after posting a light hearted piece on my movie choices, but I needed to vent.

If you're unfamiliar with the story, go here.

I can't imagine the terror this little boy went through his last few hours of life. When a child should be happy, goofing, laughing . . . innocent, he was being beaten. Beat up for what the, I hesitate to use the word father . . . shithead said was because he "made a real mess." Apparently he threw some toys around and knocked over a few chairs.

Well, let's just beat the tar out him, huh? A 3 year old! That should teach him.

After his beating, he was dragged to the bath. A loving gesture, I guess. After which, he was grabbed, flung around, and had his head smashed in to the wall.

Lights out.

Three years old . . . and done.

Shithead put him in bed. I guess going limp after having your head smashed in to the wall wasn't cause for concern.

It gets worse.

The female shithead shakes her baby so violently, because she's crying, she dies. Two months old. Also done.

Two kids. Just unlucky enough to be born to a pair of shitheads. Butt reaming assholes.

I'm against capitol punishment. But, I would make an exception for these two.


Chris from Racine said...

I was going to post on this but just couldn't...I am far too angry.

This just makes the case for sterilizing folks at puberty, and not allowing them to be unsterilized until they can pass a parenting test.

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Anonymous said...

im a family friend to khamari... And it sucks wen u really think about it! He was killed because he made a mess. Dats wat kids do! They make messes! and for god sake he was only three years. Im furious because it shouldnt of been this way and capital punishment is wat he deserves!!