Sunday, April 05, 2009

Little Johnny Bad Boy

Little Johnny was in most respects, a normal three year old little boy. But, he tended to get in to a lot of trouble. His parents called him rambunctious. Others weren't so kind.

One morning, little Johnny wanted to have some fun. During breakfast he threw food at his brother and sister, and poured his milk on the floor. While his mother cleaned up the mess he made, his father said "Johnny. You shouldn't do that. " and told him to be nice to his brother and sister. Johnny laughed and went to watch TV.

After breakfast was finished, and the mess cleaned up, the family joined little Johnny in the family room to watch TV. Johnny was already watching cartoons and was annoyed at the suggestion he would have to stop watching his shows because everyone else wanted to watch a movie. Johnny started crying and screaming when his father took the remote and changed the channel. Johnny tried to take the remote away from his father. But, at three years old, he wasn't big enough or strong enough to accomplish such a task.

"Johnny, please behave." his father said.

"Come sit down and watch the movie with us." his mother added.

The other siblings complained that it was too difficult to watch a movie with Johnny screaming so and wanted him out of the room (they would have liked him out of the house). But, mom and dad continued to try and console Johnny.

Suddenly, little Johnny started hitting the TV.

"Johnny, you shouldn't do that." father said.

Johnny ignored the suggestion and started pushing on the TV.

"Johnny, don't do that." mother said. "You will be punished if you continue."

Johnny has heard this threat before and nothing ever happened. So, he continued to push on the TV causing it to rock. Johnny wasn't strong enough to simply push the TV over. But with continued effort he could get the momentum of the TV to cause it to fall.

"Johnny, if that TV falls over I will be very mad." Johnny's father said.

"Johnny, please don't do that." Johnny's mother said.

Again ignoring his parent's request, Johnny continued to push on the TV until finally, with a loud crash, it fell to the ground.

Stunned, everyone fell quiet. A few pops were heard as the last sparks of life were emitted from the wreckage.

As there was no longer an TV to watch, the two other siblings left the room leaving their parents with Johnny.

"That was very naughty, Johnny." father said.

"We're very disappointed" mother said. "you will need to be punished."

Johnny stood quiet for a moment, then laughed and ran in to the other room.

So, what does Obama do now?


Chris from Racine said...


Anonymous said...

? I thought at first this was going to be a comment about the current typical lazy parenting methods...

Uh.. what's a president to do? Oh, I know, accuse a completely different country of WMD and invade them. Then all you have to do is let the next guy deal with the real problem. Worked before, think it'll work again?

Jimi5150 said...

You're actually partially right in your first graph.

I won't defend Iraq. I will say say, it's a good thing Obama doesn't have to worry Iraq as we've pretty much cleaned house there.

We'll see how he does with Afghanistan.

North Korea didn't even get a time out.

Anonymous said...

Hard for a new babysitter to discipline a child when he's always been allowed his way. Hypocrital of the old babysitter's empoyers to insist something must be done now, when they didn't seem to care what was going on before.

Jimi5150 said...

I agree. Clinton let many a bad behavior slip through the cracks.

Bad Billy!

Anonymous said...

Nice answer. So why piss on Obama for continuing the trend that ALL presidents have done?

Jimi5150 said...

Duh. Change.

Anonymous said...

You didn't vote for the guy, what do you care about change?

Pot: meet kettle.