Saturday, April 04, 2009

What? You don't carry it anymore?

I love landscape lighting, and I hate it. When we put in our first system it was a bit ago. There wasn't much to choose from. Only a couple of styles, and everything was about 3 watts of light.

Of course, you can spend a lot of money on commercial lights that aren't low voltage and a more permanent install, but most people with budgets and no cleaning service don't do that.

Over the years, the product has evolved nicely. Metal styles, more decorative, and higher wattage lights are widely available. We replaced all of our lighting at one point. The metal units and higher wattage lights made a huge difference.

The problem is, it keeps changing!! Except for the common s tiered light, which my wife hates, every design changes every year. I can't get parts for the lights I have now! And I mean, not at all. Unless I find someone selling an old set.

I understand. You spend $69 to $120 for a set of 8 lights, or so, it's not going to be commercial quality. I get that. But, it's particularly annoying when just a year or two later you can't replace broken components. I'd opt for the common design as I don't want to replace the entire system only to have it discontinued a year later. But, when I tried that my wife virtually broke down crying.


Maybe I'll just hang white LED string lights in the trees.

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