Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fishing . . . finally!

The family went up to Mauthe lake today to picnic and finally do some fishing. We took our niece along as she likes to fish and came up with a contest. First of all, though, what my girlies are standing on is the boat dock . . . about a foot under water! That didn't deter us, however. Good thing I had my Packer Crocs with me (ah, shaddup).

Anyway, the contest was who would catch the first fish (my wife), who would catch the most fish (my niece) who would catch the littlest fish (my daughter) and who would catch the biggest fish . . . me! A 14" largemouth. I had only caught a small sunfish up to that point so this was a nice recovery. We all had fun. It was a perfect day. Although a little windy at first. But as the afternoon went on everything calmed and we spent several hours fishing.

Hope y'all had a chance to enjoy the day!

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