Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Just a Penny!

The County Board approved a measure that would put to referendum a hike in the sales tax of one cent. This has come up and been tried before. But, Scott Walker has always vetoed the measure. I actually wish he would let it go to referendum. Maybe then the County Board would see NO ONE wants an increase in the sales tax. What's interesting, and dubious, is that the board says there would be a savings on a person's property tax as a result of this. From JSonline:

The sales tax would yield property tax savings of about $165 a year on a Milwaukee home worth $150,000, according to backers of the proposal. The estimate was based on substituting sales tax revenue for the $67 million the county now spends in property taxes on parks, transit and emergency medical services.

“Parks” is broadly defined to include recreation and cultural institutions the county supports, including the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Supervisor Joseph Rice said the referendum language was misleading and that supervisors couldn’t guarantee the property tax relief would continue in the future. Supervisor Christopher Larson said the tax relief was plainly stated in the referendum question.

“The voters should trust us that that’s what we’re going to do because that’s what it says,” Larson said.

"Trust us"?


(Catching my breath)

You've GOT to be kidding me!


Anonymous said...

This is not an increase in sales tax as much as it would be an alleviation of property taxes. The fact is that we are one of FOUR counties in the country that doesn't have a dedicated funding source for transit, etc. This is an archaic system and needs to be changed!

I hope you and others can see the reason in this and will understand how high property taxes are.

This also means that up to 40% of those taxes will be payed by people OUTSIDE of Milwaukee County.

jimi5150 said...

A one cent rise in the sales tax.

Hmm. Sounds like an increase in the sales tax to me. I don't know how that gets any clearer. I do agree, though, our transit system (sans trains) needs to be separately funded.

But to think we'd actually get property tax relief is a joke. Maybe there'd be some creative column switching. But, that's about it.

Sadly, Walker will likely veto this. I'd really like to see it go to referendum.