Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hulk Hogoon

Hogan is a bigger douche bag than I ever imagined. He marries a gold digger, spawns two good for shit brat kids who would never amount to anything if it weren't for daddy, lets his son drive a hot car so he can wrap it around a light pole turning his friend in to a vegetable, divorces the gold digger only to have relations with a girl his daughter's age, talks to his son in jail about a reality show when he gets out, and now this:

"This is in God's hands. I believe things happen for a reason. This is to make Nick a better person. In my belief, this is to make John a better person."

Hmm. Let's discuss this. FIrst, the Hulk fails to see how he had a hand in things. His kids is a Class A shitbag moron, yet he let him drive his Supra even knowing Nick has little regard for the law and driving within speed limits. Second, we know how Hogan will make Nick a better person . . . by launching a reality show about the shitbag. Fame and fortune. There's no better way to learn a lesson. Lastly, I wonder just how John will become a better person now that he's brain damaged. Now that he's retarded and incapable of taking care of himself and will need life long care . . . I guess he's not the "negative" person he was before. So, i that regard I suppose John will be a better person.

What an asshole.

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