Monday, January 07, 2008

Golden Globes in Jeopardy!

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. and NBC engaged in eleventh-hour sessions Sunday to try to save the boycott-stricken Golden Globes, with NBC appearing to be seriously considering pulling the telecast as a result of the Hollywood writers strike.

The HFPA, whose 100-odd members organize the ceremony, is pushing NBC to pull the plug on the broadcast because that will prompt the Writers Guild of America to lift its pickets and enable stars to attend the January 13 event. On Friday, the Screen Actors Guild said its members would not cross picket lines to attend.

The whole article here:

No Golden Globes?


Other than seeing the babes and their attire, this is the most boring of the award shows. The People's Choice awards come pretty close but the Globes definitely have the more "are you kidding me?" moments to it.

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