Monday, January 07, 2008

NFL Playoffs 2

2 of 4 this past weekend. Not good. Here are my picks for the coming weekend:

Jaguars at Patriots. I think all the picks are hard. We've certainly got the best of the NFL represented. If there's a defense that can cause Brady some trouble, the Jags have it. They haven't played each other this year so not much is known about the Jags by the Pats. But, I don't think Garrard has what it takes to win. Patriots.

Chargers at Colts. The Chargers are one of those teams like the Steeler and Giants, you never know who is going to show up. It took a bit but the finally got it together against the Titans. I don't think they can start so slow and expect to win against the Colts. Colts.

Giants at Cowboys. Like the Jags and Pats, I think the Giants have a defense that could cause trouble for Romo. Not sure about the health of TO and Glenn although they're saying they will start. The Cowpies defeated the Giants twice this year although they allowed the Giants to score 35 points in one game. The Cowboy defense sucks. The Giants are bi-polar. If TO plays, the Cowboys.

Seahawks at the Packers. The Seahawk defense is good. But Favre is great. The Seahawk offense is banged up including Matt. Our defense is healthy. Holmgren is cursed . . . and can be a mental case at times. At home, Packers win easy.

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