Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacWorld 2008

Every year Apple makes a number of announcements at Macworld, an annual convention held in San Francisco. There's usually a good amount of anticipation as, as we've seen, Apple makes some pretty cool products. I'm an Apple fan. A huge fan . . . and user. You couldn't pay me to own a Windows machine. But, this isn't about bashing or praising, it's about the Macworld announcements.

This year the rumor mill was all about a sub-notebook similar to what Sony offers. Well, Apple delivered. Sort of. Rather than making it small, they made it incredibly thin. Less than an inch. It's has a full sized keyboard and a 13" screen. No question it's a marvel. But, yawn. I was really hoping for something smaller than a 12" notebook. But, that's me.

They also announced some extra features for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Cool stuff, really. Go to the Apple website and check it out. Once again, for me . . . yawn. Make the iPod Touch at least 30GB and I'll get excited.

The one thing they did announce that I liked, Time Capsule. Essentially, it a hard drive, wireless router, and back up system all built in to one unit that resembles a Mac Mini. There's a 500GB model that sells for $299 and a 1TB model that sells for $499. Considering what you're getting, that's incredible! It also has a USB port so you can attach a printer and make that wirelessly network-able, too. This I like. I will seriously consider getting one.

As a working pro, however, Macworld is always a bit of a disappointment as there's virtually never announcements made for the pro industry. That's often reserved for NAB in April, an industry convention. On the plus side, there's more to look forward to other than just Macworld.

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