Monday, January 14, 2008

NFL Playoffs 3

Wow. There's a lot to comment on. Let me try and be as concise as I can be.

Jaguars at Patriots. I was actually a bit surprised. The Pats had to work for this and Garrard did extremely well. One more completed pass and who knows? I was actually a little surprised at the Pats defense. They stayed tough right to the very end. To sign of petering out in spite of there being a few "old" guys on the squad.

Chargers at Colts. I've been saying rather frequently . . . if you thinks it's tough being a Packer fan . . . Wow. How did they lose this game? With Peters and Ladanian both out it should have been easy! I really think the Colts got of of their rhythm and started making bad calls. I don't give much hope to the Chargers beating the Pats.

Giants at Cowboys. I let out a pretty good Wooo! at the end of this game. I can only imagine what the taverns in Green Bay were like. I'm sure aspirin use is at an all time high today. Well, I got the feeling the Boys thought they were just going to walk through this game. What they didn't count on was the Giants fighting for it right until the very end. Bad strategy. As a long time Cowboy disliker, I LOVED it! TO crying, Romo acting like a baby, the look on Jones' face . . . what a bunch of sore LOSERS.


TO can take his popcorn, his sharpie, his behavior, and his tears and shove them up his butt. Romo can take Jessica and sail off to parts unknown and do all of us a favor and don't come back. Go have babies somewhere. If you have to return, leave Jessica behind. Yeah, it would have been sweeter to have had the Packers beat them, but I'm OK with this.

Seahawks at Packers. My prediction was 35 to 17. Unlike many others I didn't think it would be a close game. I didn't think it would be a comeback from 14 down in the first quarter game, either. Anyway, what an amazing game. Grant, Favre, and the rest of the team and coaches really hung in after the initial deficit. I can't say I was worried. In fact, I told my wife that it was a good thing. If the Packers had any thought at all of this being an easy game, that thought left very quickly. The rest, you saw. Hasslebeck and the rest of the team folded like an accordion. We manhandled them. We out finessed them. We were faster, stronger, smarter, and better.

This sets up the Chargers at the Patriots and the Giants at the Packers. I just don't see the Pats or the Pack losing. First, they're better teams than who they're playing. Second, the underdogs are all beat up. Third, home games for the favored.

If this holds true then that means . . .

The Packers and the Patriots in Arizona for the Superbowl! This is the worst cast scenario for the Pats. Aside from many football fans just hating the Pats, their coach, and Tom Brady, Arizona is a Green Bay state. the stadium will be 90% Packer fans. It will be like a home game!

But, we gotta get there first.

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