Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The People's Choice Awards

Am I glad I DVR'd this show! Not so I could play back the hot bods, listen to some great performances, or replay the funny moments. Oh no. It's strictly so I could fast forward through the ENTIRE show. There was no audience! No presenters, no accepters, no performers, no nothing! I heard that the Golden Globes might be audience-less but I wasn't aware the PCA was going to be . . . a newscast. Wow. How incredibly boring . . . and stupid. I like the Queen and all but to watch and listen to her jump up and down and scream when she read a winner . . . laaaame. The winners acceptance speeches were videotaped and played back. One funny moment . . . Joaquin Phoenix's acceptance speech for leading man. He did it via cue cards he showed to the . . . viewers (writer strike thing) and wrapped up by asking "what's wrong with you people?". I thought it seemed fairly humble and funny.

No fashion review as there was no one there. Queen Latifah looked nice. Maria Menunous looked hot during a remote she did for some hair product. That's about it. I can't even tell you who won as I zoomed through the whole show stopping only when I see any real live person.

I suppose they did the best they could with the show. But considering there was no audience or other active participants, they should made it an hour instead of two. They play a lot of old clips from past shows. Yawn.

If the Golden Globes is really going to be like this . . . I'll skip it.

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