Friday, January 23, 2009

Just admit it. You're a hypocrite!

I've been called a hypocrite. Right here on this blog! Problem for the accuser, though . . . I admitted it. It wasn't about anything that particularly important. Certainly nothing that gets to the core of one's character or beliefs. Still, I try not to be hypocritical. But, I think we all make exceptions.

Take the death penalty. Many a conservative are for capitol punishment. Even though they'll turn around and say they're pro life. That abortion is murder. Hypocritical? Yes! But, it's easy to defend. On the one hand you have someone who's only crime was to be conceived. The process of life has begun and someone is about to determine that otherwise. On the other hand you have someone who has decided for someone else that their life should end. Particularly in the case of premeditated murder, there is no greater sin, if you will, on another person.

I'm actually against the death penalty. In this case, I try to be consistent. I simply think it's wrong for a person to end the life of another. And, I'm not particularly religious.

Anyway. Long and, perhaps, goofy set up to the actual point.

Libs have a big problem with The Patriot Act and the many things associated with it. I've read on blogs and in comments the views of such libs that not only are many facets of The Patriot Act unconstitutional and illegal (something that's NEVER been proven), but that the tactics used by ProPat's (I just made that up) is nothing more than scare tactics and lies. That "for the safety of our country" is simply a cover to violate rights and laws.

Of course, they never say why. I mean, what does . . . did Bush gain from this? If it's true, what's the payoff? Plus, I'm confused. Is Bush the dumbest President ever . . . or the most clever?

Whatever. It's an issue that's hotly debated. Quite honestly, I can see the liberal's point with this. After all, there have been a number of rather scholarly and legal types that have offered up opinion. In this case, however, I choose to side with Bush. I understand the concerns of those on the left. But, I also think they're unfounded. And, we are talking about some pretty bad folks, after all. Folks who have taken a number of shots at us and our allies. Successfully, I might add.

So it is with . . . global warming. Only now, the roles are reversed. Most on the alarmist side of the issue are liberals, on the denier side, conservatives. We've been told that global warming is largely man's fault. And that if we don't do something about it soon . . . well . . . I'm not sure what's going to happen. No one seems to agree on that. But, it's bad. Very bad. Ice caps will melt, the oceans will rise and gobble up a bunch of cities, weather events will worsen, plague will spread, all kinds of plants and animals will become extinct . . . all because of a rise in temperature of a half a degree in the next 100 years. Or, was that 6 degrees. I guess it depends on which expert you read.

We're also told that there's a huge consensus of scientists on this. They're ALL in agreement. Well, only the ones who agree to be in agreement, anyway. Like the issues with the Patriot Act, there are those who think otherwise. Smartly types, too. In fact, there are hundreds of experts from various scientific disciplines that refute the notion of man made global warming. Some how, though, they don't count. "Look for the money trail, look for the money trail, look for the money trail . . . ". Like an irritating parrot that you just want to throw the towel over, you hear this.

More than that, you hear, "do you want to risk being wrong?"

Hmm. Where have I heard something like that before . . . ?

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