Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick hits

Haven't blogged for a bit. Not intentionally, or anything. Just haven't had much time or much to say.

I shouldn't tweet late, late at night after I've taken an ambien. I'm certain I've tweeted some really stupid stuff. Sorry.

I was going to post about the Golden Globe fashions, but life events got in the way. I'll say this . . . Salma Hayek . . . zow! Rene Zellweger . . . WTF? Beyonce . . . wear a dress that fits. Maggie Gyllenhaal . . . ugly. So, was her dress. Kate Winslet . . . eat a burger and get over yourself. Kate Beckensale . . . I hate that ruffly stuff around the neckline. Eva Mendes . . . your dress has a tumor, cut it off! Jen Lopez . . . who cares? Maxim's hottest woman in the world Megan Fox . . . skank. Laura Linney . . . always beautiful. Jennifer Morrison . . . beautiful. Though, the thing about many strapless dresses is that they don't offer up much in the way of cleavage. Anne Hathaway looked beautiful, but her dress needed straps. Drew Barrymore . . . I don't know. I kinda liked her look. Elizabeth Banks looked gorgeous. I could go on . . .

Shortly after reading about Milwaukee's anti-idling ordinance, I read that they won't enforce it in the cold weather. And will even dismiss a few citations that were written. A smart decision for once!

If you want to see a really interesting reality show, watch Solitary 3.0 on Fox Reality. 9 people subject themselves to a small isolation chamber and undergo various tasks and challenges. They're physically, mentally, and emotionally put to the test. It's rather interesting.

Packers still haven't found a defensive coordinator. Dom Capers is the latest name, but no decision yet. Seems as though they're looking for a quality name. That's good. Also, Julius Peppers becomes available at the end of February. Should the Packers go after him? Personally, I think the Packers need someone in the middle. A Gilbert Brown type. They'll get Jenkins back next season. For me, he and Kampman fill the ends up nicely. I really don't think the NEED Peppers.

As for the playoffs, I'm hoping the Cardinals and the Ravens win. Should the Card's win the Superbowl, Warner would become one of very few QB's to win a Superbowl with a different team.

Everyone has talked about it, so I really don't have much to add. Simply add me to the list of those who think Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III is a true hero. Just an amazing feat. Miraculous that no one died.

Madoff claims another celebrity. Kevin Bacon says he "lost his shirt" to Madoff and needs to find work. I'm still not sure why this guy isn't in jail.

Ann Coulter has been out making friends. She's a riot.

All for now.

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