Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, call me racist, I didn't watch the Inaugural. But, I've never watched any of them. It's a ceremony. A big whoop dee doo for the new President. I certainly understand the significance of the day. But, to watch hour after hour of ceremony . . . the opening to the Olympics is more interesting. Now, different if you're there. Anyway, a few thoughts.

Let's be honest, the poem was awful.

Mr. "Unity", Mr "Come Together", Mr "Close the divide" couldn't get himself to thank President Bush?

I've stated before that I'll be fair about Obama, but won't pull any punches. The whole singing Hey Hey, Goodbye was just a classless act, it sickens me. But, come as no surprise coming from liberals.

Obama took some shots at Bush in his speech. Nice. Between the no Thank You and his barbs, it speaks volumes about him. I don't mind an egotist in a position of power. Maybe one needs a little of that. I sure hope Mr Perfect doesn't make any mistakes.

What will be interesting to me . . . let's say Obama doesn't close Gitmo, and cites various reasons. Will this piss off the left? Or, will they suddenly become enlightened and agree with Neo? How many other cases of that will there be? I'll be watching.

The press is shameless to a point of being embarrassing and disgusting. I watched about 10 minutes of Sawyer and Co. last night. My dinner started to come back up.

My daughter, in 3rd grade, spent the whole day watching the inauguration in school. Funny how MPS gets all concerned about a few snow days but is able to waste an entire day watching TV. She said she was bored.

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Chris from Racine said...

I spent the evening watching shows that I DVRd. Couldn't STAND the way the press was handling this day - fawning over The One, and completely bashing Bush. Disgusting.