Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quick hits for a Saturday

The more and more we learn about the "Stimulus" plan, the more we find out it's simply a "Thanks for your support" payback. Only 11% of the bill goes toward any actual plans to create jobs and stimulate the economy. What's more, much of that 11% won't take affect for years. What's even more, the money paid out to states will simply mean spending plans that will have no source of funding unless they get another "bailout" or . . . yep, raise taxes. It's insanity.

Obama wants transparency and accountability in business and government. Well, everyone except in Washington, I guess. Does anyone in Washington pay taxes? Or are they all that stupid?

On a similar note . . . I don't know about anyone else, but I could find my mortgage papers in under a minute. Unless I were in China. Then it would take me the time of the flight, the ride home, plus a minute to find them.

I find it funny Obama would call the billions of dollars paid out as bonuses to Wall Street Execs, "shameful". Yet, turns around and tries to call his massive spending and payback plan an economic stimulus.

I wondered how long it would be before Patti Blagojevich left her ex-governor husband. Turns out, she's no innocent either.

Lee Holloway figures the state is in so much debt, what's another few thousand dollars? The slumlord blamed Scott Walker for leaking information about the trip that supervisors Coggs and Clark took to Washington to the newspaper. The trip coincided with the inauguration. Hmm. The trip was also paid for by taxpayer dollars. The supervisors claim the trip was for legitimate purposes. Though, there's evidence that says otherwise. In a letter sent to Scott Walker by Lee Holloway he not only accuses Walker of leaking the information, but then signs the letter "Lee" and draws a smiley face on it.

Up the meds, Lee.

Superbowl prediction: Cardinals 24, Pittsburgh 21.

Nany Pelosi thinks spending money on contraceptives will help the economy. She also doesn't know natural gas is a fossil fuel. She also says that increasing taxes on the wealthy isn't a tax increase. She also believes in the botox fairy and carries around a Bush voodoo doll.

But, Palin is the idiot.

The only device we need is an anal dam to keep the government from f*ckin' us in the ass.

Speaking of idiots . . . Jessica Alba says she ain't one. She told a reporter at the inauguration to "be neutral about it . . . be Sweden." She rests her case.

And Paris Hilton says she's not stupid, she just plays an idiot on TV.

"I just do little jokes all the time but people think I'm serious, which I think is funny. And I think I kind of play up the image sometimes because, (eyes go blank) whatever, it's just entertainment."

This coming from a skank who thought Gordon Ramsey was the prime minister. She also rests her case.

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