Thursday, January 08, 2009

The People's Choice Awards

Well, one word, boring. Queen Latifah sucked. The "open" sucked and I kept think about how Robin Tunney must have ben told this was summer and she'd been invited to afternoon tea.

The secret to the PCA's is that who ever is these will win. Maybe it's a budgetary thing. First, there's only three choices in each category. Second, generally the only people who show up are the winners. That's either budgetary, or the losers figure "what's the point?"

I could nit pick, but the only real issue I have with any of the winners is Kate Hudson. Does any really care about her anymore . . . or ever?

That, and Robin's afternoon tea dress could have used some mechanics to help lift and reduce the gaping gap I kept gaping at. But, that's me.

Nice that House, and Heroes won. It's a joke that Dark Knight took what it did and Iron Man and Downey got NOTHING. What an interesting guy that Bale is. If nothing else, let Downey win as he's got more than a worm's personality.

Well, the Golden Globes are next and while considered more prestidious than the PCA's, they make even less sense with their picks.

("Trust me, Robin, wear the black dress.")


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The Chad said...

I did not have the chance to view the PCAs...

do you have an image of said tea party dress??