Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stimulus? My butt!

This will be two posts in a row in which I reference my butt. Does that mean something? Whatever.

We're learning more and more that the "stimulus" package the Deamoncrats are putting forth is anything but. Last I heard, only about 12% of the package will go directly to anything growth related. The rest is, basically, pork. Liberal, lefty, special interests, and feel good do nothing spending. Wonderful. I dare any lefty to defend this "stimulus package". It's a lefty, socialist agenda spending spree. It's almost payback for support. Well, it IS payback for support but no one will ever admit that.

What's worse, there's an attitude by Obama and Pelosi that "we won. Nyah, nyah, nyah!" So much for eliminating "pettiness" and "reaching across the aisle", and "change".

What this means, especially for Wisconsin, though other states are in the same boat, is that Doyle will likely spend the money on programs that require on going funding. Which will be incredibly stupid, as, a year or so from now when we don't get another "stimulus" we'll have to cut back on funding. Of course, it really won't be a cut. Just not as big a rise in money as what's expected. But, it will be called a cut. At which point we know what will happen. Yep. Taxes.

We might break even this year. Maybe. But next year, you'd better lube your cracks 'cause Doyle's gonna go medieval on 'em.

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