Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Governor Doyle is a moron

"We have to really evaluate what we want to do," Doyle said. "We aren't going to launch anything that doesn't work."

He said this in regard to his plan to cut emissions. But, one can't help but wonder why he doesn't apply this philosophy to other issues.

Because he's an idiot. That's why.

For example, why did Doyle need to form a task force on global warming . . . when the debate is over and we know the answers?

"If I were on a jury and somebody was presenting the two sides," he said, "it seems to me the evidence on that side is absolutely overwhelming."

Complete and utter moron.

Here's another one . . . let's say the feds can't move on global hoax initiatives because of the economy. Doyle has made it clear that he'll go ahead with his pea brained schemes. Not only would this kill the state's economy, it would bury it in a time capsule to be uncovered some time after the next ice melt. Not only that, but wouldn't it be like opening your windows with the air conditioning on to try and cool your yard on a hot day?

Here's another one, Doyle's not-quite-as-fast-as-high-speed-rail rail would run on diesel fuel since he plans on using existing tracks and upgraded engines . . . that run on diesel fuel. Spain's trains (that run mainly on the plains) are about 19% more eco-friendly than older technology. They also travel at 200 mph. Doyle's Super Chief, running considerably slower, would run for longer periods of time, thus pollute more. Wouldn't this run counter to wanting to cut emissions?

Add to that TurboTim's desire to stick it to oil and gas companies and you have to wonder what fuel will cost to run the trains.

Add to THAT the fact that cars will become more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient that by the time the train is up and running it will be ancient technology the day of it's launch.

Jim Doyle makes Kelly Bundy look like a Mensa member.

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Flush the Doylet.