Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drinking Right 2

Once again, upon returning home from Papa's I get requisite, "So, what did you talk about?" from the wife.

"Lots of stuff. Idol, football, politics, kids . . . the usual."

"Who was there?"

"Chris. Had a nice blouse on though I couldn't peek down it. Fred, Steve, AB, Chad, though Holly wasn't there. Probably hard for her to be around me."


"She wants me. I can tell."

(Long pause)

Anyone else?"

"Leah Vukmir."


"Leah Vukmir. Representative for the Tosa area. She was making eyes at me."

"So, what about her?"

"She's hot."

"What. Did. You. Talk. About. ?."

"Nothing. I wasn't sitting at her table."

"Anything else?"

"Chad was telling me about a movie he saw with . . . people, I guess, that were called "howlers". They had the ability to make your eyes bleed with their voice. I told him I knew someone like that."

(long pause)

"I'm going to bed."



Chris from Racine said...

Thank you - I really needed the laugh!!

Holly o:) said...

Shoot! I thought I was able to mask my longing, but apparently I failed miserably. I want you Jimi! I want you!

Jimi5150 said...

Hee hee. Nice. I think I'm the one in love.

Holly o:) said...