Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Quick hit questions

Is anyone else getting a little tired of seeing Heidi Klum . . . everywhere? All the time?

Is Rihanna really that stupid?

While it's inexcusable to "forget" about a child in a day care van. But, how is it the family didn't notice THIER CHILD wasn't home? I know an aunt was in charge and the mother was gone, but, why isn't anyone asking how it is she didn't notice HER SISTER'S CHILD wasn't home?

Is this the wort season of Idol for talent?

In retrospect, was Steele the right choice?

Is there a good republican candidate?

Is Hillary nuts?

Doe anyone care about how much Obama lies?

Did Obama bring down the NASA satellite that was to study CO2 emissions? Afraid of what it might find out?

Do the libtards in Wisconsin not understand the state's deficit DOUBLED under Doyle?

As cars become more eco-friendly, as urban sprawl becomes moot, as planes become more efficient, as we won't . . . can't rebuild to support TRUE high speed rail, why the obsession with serving less than 5 percent of the population with ancient technology?

Are McNuggets THAT good?


Chris from Racine said...

1. Yes
2. I've always said you need a license to be a parent. They're idiots.
3. Yup
4. Don't know yet
5. Not yet
6. Always has been
7. Nope - I've known it all along
8. We'll find out someday
9. You're kidding, right?
10. People are idiots
11. No

Anonymous said...

1: (Heidi Klum) who has time to pay attention to that sort of thing?
2: Most spouses/partners return to their abusers. Stupid? Maybe. Gullible? Definitely. As a social worker, I have to say that these women completely understand that they are probably SAFER with the abuser than not with him... if he's going to kill her, she has more control when she's with him than if she's not. I've heard it over and over from women in these circumstances - "If I leave him, he WILL kill me." Sad, but all too true.
3: Too often this "forgetfulness" is viewed as enough punishment. Parents should be prosecuted for leaving their children in cars.
4:WHY DOES ANYONE EVER WATCH THIS STUPID SHOW?? Reality television: the dumbing down of America....
5:Always easy to second guess, the question is, was he right at the time?
6:Hard to top the hothead/airhead ticket of 2008, but I'm sure the Repubs will manage.
7: YES
8: Politicians lie. It's part of the job description. No one did it better than Bush and his cronies.
9: Yes, but it was really Al Gore's idea, and the Alaska general fund paid for it. Palin will eventually take credit.
10: I didn't vote for the guy, but I think he shares the blame with just about everyone in politics, from both sides of the aisle, and he had a good role model the last eight years in Washington DC.
11: And where're the better ideas? Republican naysayers are very good at twisting words, spreading lies and hate, pointing fingers, making fun, and above all, dragging their heals, but when it comes to real ideas and real plans???????????

Jimi5150 said...

8. What did Bush lie about? I keep hearing this, yet no one can tell me.

11. Better ideas for what?

Anonymous said...

!0: Just some lies, you probably don't consider them major: Bush said in his campaign for the 2000 election that he would never consider war as an option without diplomacy first. America is not a bully, he said, and he would never make unilateral decisions. America had an obligation to work with world leaders, not try to lead them into something they didn't want to do. (He was criticizing Clinton's involvement in Kosovo.)

Weapons of mass destruction. There weren't any, and there is plenty of evidence of that, which was suppressed.

He claimed Al Quaeda was using Iraq when evidence showed Al Quaeda moved in after we did.

"MIssion Accomplished"

11. Better ideas for all the problems this country is facing now. It's obvious the Republican politicians, almost to a person, feel quite strongly that Obama is headed in the wrong direction. So where is their stimulus plan? Where are their ideas for turning this country around? How do they propose helping people find jobs? What's their take on making health care affordable and accessible? All I hear are jeers and sneers.

I don't agree with everything in Obama's plan, but I will say this - the guy has one. AND HE"S ASKING FOR INPUT! The solidarity of the Republicans would be much more impressive if they had something to stand for, instead of just standing against.

Jimi5150 said...

I'm at work so I can't fully respond. But, the republicans have a plan. In fact, Wisconsin's Paul Ryan is the author of bill counter to what Obama has put forth.

But, this does raise the question . . . is government REALLY responsible for creating jobs? Is government really the answer for "all the problems this country is facing now"? By letting government take on the role of "savior of all" you allow government more and more in to our lives, thus under it's control.

I don't believe that. Yes, there are some things government can do. But, what Obama is doing ain't one of them. Or in the case of Obama, that ain't 4.5 trillion one of them.

Jimi5150 said...

First, Bush wasn't alone in his belief that there were WMD's: http://www.snopes.com/politics/war/wmdquotes.asp

Second, diplomacy had been tried. For years. Hussein kept violating the sanctions. For years.

As for the relationship, even Clinton belived there were direct ties. http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/003/527uwabl.asp