Monday, March 16, 2009

Idol Finals

Finally. I've said it before, they want to increase viewership, shorten the show. A lot of wasted time. Thank heavens for the DVR.
Also, I like Kara as a judge. She makes sense and she's intelligible. Paula can be shown the door after this season. No one would miss her.

So, I just watched the Mike Jackson performances. Here are my thoughts:

Anoop, Jorger, Scott, Matt, and Jasmine . . . boring. Good, not great. They could all make good broadway singers, but that's about it.

Megan. I'm on the fence. She has a unique voice. But her choice of Rockin Robin was horrendous. She looked goofy.

Lil sounded good . . . really good. Not sure if she can win the public over, and I hated what she had on, but she did a good job.

Allison. I have to remind myself this girl is just 16. She's got some soul in her voice. She needs time, really. But there's real potential there.

Kris . . . I don't know. I don't think he's all that, but everyone seems to like him. I'm still waiting for that performance.

Adam. This boy has it. He'll be in the final.

Alexis. This girl has it. She'll be in the final.

Danny. Wow. He blew me away. I hadn't been too impressed up until tonight. He sounded awesome! He'll be in the final.

This week should be interesting . . . country music theme. I don't see country in any of them. SOng choice will be critical.

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Mark said...

Far as I'm concerned, the only reason to watch AI is to have all of the pertinent data with which to fully enjoy the play-by-plays and analysis...