Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Idol Country Week

My thoughts:

Michael. The one guy who could actually sing country . . . sucked. I agree with Simon. I couldn't understand him. I hate that. Lazy enunciation of words while singing.

Allison. Wow. With her unique sound and a good performance and a good song, she nailed it. She has a natural growl to her voice . . . not put on, that makes her stand out. She may not win, but she's good.

Kris. If a person can make want to listen, they've got something. I'm still on the fence with this guy, but he put forth a great performance. Didn't give me shivers, but I listened all the way through.

Lil. Poor choice of song. She sounded very average. Hated what she wore.

Adam. Again, I agree with Simon . . . self indulgent bombast. OK, he hates country. He's still the most gifted one there. Here's a guy who might be better off not winning.

Scott. He's kind of the Archuletta of this season. To me, anyway. Nice, nice voice, but . . . nothing special. I'm not sure what his niche is, or would be. He needs to take some chances. Everything has been too safe.

Alexsis. Not a great performance. She's got an "it" factor to her, but she fell short this week.

Danny. If he could have figured out how to bring a little more emotion in to the start of the song he sang, it would have been perfection. As it was, he blew me away. Gifted singer.

Anoop. Wow. Where did this come from? A very moving performance. Excellent song choice and a great performance.

Megan. First, she looked gorgeous. Second, when I hear her sing, I think of all the "quirky" singers there have been and are who are successful. She's has a distinct sound, and I like that. She just needs work on her pitch. I thought she was a little contrived last week. Not so, this week.

Matt. Everyone loved his performance . . . and I have no idea why. I thought he was off key, hesitant, not good. But . . .

Who goes? Michael.

UPDATE: Alexsis goes home! I'm shocked! Even with the possible save by the judges, she goes home. Personally, while I think she has a little work to do on her vocals, she's waaaaaaaay more marketable than several of the others. Especially, Michael. But, the public has spoken and she's out. I thought she'd be one of the final four.


still Unreal... said...

Alexis going home sucked ass.
Mr. "Feel sorry for me, even tho my voice sucks" Michael should have gone home.

She was cute as hell. No reason to watch now ;-P

Jimi5150 said...

She was cute as hell. Megan ain't bad to look at, though. Ev's. I still thought she had the best chance of the women left.