Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Idol Chatter

The top 9. I'm still reeling a bit from Alexsis' departure. But, I'll try and carry on.

Anoop. Nice. Safe. Boring. Did anyone see American Dreamz?

Allison. I liked what she wore. Being as young as she is, I thought she got away with it. It wasn't overly provocative. Just bright and fun. Her vocals, for such a young person, are amazing. She did, and looked, great.

Danny. I'll predict right now that he will win. Flawless performance.

Adam. The only thing he has to watch is over singing something. He's got a range like an Ian Gillan.. He just has to learn good decisions with his voice. That being said, he did great.

Lil. Going down hill . . . and fast. Bad song choice, pitch problems, and a bit bombastic. She'll be one of the bottom.

Matt. See Lil.

Scott. The judges surprised me. They all really liked his performance. I thought he had major pitch problems. Good voice, so-so interpretation, kind of boring. He may be in the bottom as well.

Megan. (Sigh) She's likely gone. SImon was dead on. What makes her unique actually got irritating. Bad, bad, bad song choice.

Kris. A really good performance. Paula was actually insightful this time when she said he took a 30 year old song, made it his, and turned it into something for today. As though we're all hearing it for the first time. I haven't been impressed with Kris . . . up till now. Great job.

Danny still ruled the night. Megan goes home.


Holly o:) said...

We can only pray that she goes home...I've been saying she needs to go since day one; she's so irritating!

Jimi5150 said...

Oh, now. I think she has a unique voice . . . a Maria Muldaur kind of sound. I admit she has some pitch problems . . . and needs to work on her presence. But, I'd choose her over Lil right now. Or Scott, Matt, and Anoop.