Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drinking Right

Many people will say something like, "I don't care what people think . . . " as it pertains to personal opinion or behavior trying to make themselves out to be "independent" or "individualistic". I think everyone has a certain "don't care" attitude as it pertains to some of their own behavior or opinion.

I actually do care what people think. Especially my friends. So, it came as a bit of a surprise when I walked in to Papa's and had people coming up to me asking if I was alright. I guess I've come off rather "pissed off" lately in my tweets and posts.

First, thanks for the concern. It's nice to know people take notice of a change in attitude, equate that to the possibility that there's something wrong as I'm not usually like that, and actually ask about it. I realize, of course, that for those concerned they were simply wondering if I hadn't taken my meds lately . . . still, I appreciate the thought.

Second, I have been rather pissed off lately, and it's from reading the news. Between what Obama is doing to the country, what Doyle is doing to the state, to what parents do to their children, to a new day a new shooter some where . . . it makes me angry and frustrated.

The easiest thing to do is vent, and what more perfect place is there to vent than a blog or a tweet?

It was actually suggested that I should remember the name of my blog, pop a couple of "goof balls" and chill. I have a better idea . . . I'm gonna change the name of my blog to the Indignant Indian and really let loose.

Seriously, though, it's not how I want to be regarded. I like being a nice guy, a goof, childish, immature, and a pig. But, a nice pig.

So, like being slapped in the face with a wet fish held by a girl I just tried to hit on at a grape stomping festival, I came to a realization . . . I'm not drinking that wine. And, I need an attitude adjustment.

Now, in spite of how I've come off lately, I'm not walking around all mad, and moody. Still, I have been a bit consumed by bad news. So expect some changes. Nothing drastic. No stoopid sabbaticals or anything like that. Just getting back to some lighter stuff. I've often said this isn't a political blog, and it snot. There are those with waaaay more smarticles than I and do a better job. I'll still have opinions, but I'm gonna post more "happy" stuff.

Because, what you think DOES matter to me. I'm actually quite emotionally frail. I'm high maintenance and need lots of attention. I'm paranoid. I hear voices. I talk to them.

Wait. The TV is on.

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Chris from Racine said...

Thank goodness - I don't think I can take another blogger going away...I have abandonment issues!! And yes, we DO care!