Monday, May 25, 2009

Final Idol

I finally got around to watching the final of American Idol . . . some thoughts:

I thought the over all show was great. It was nice to see my girl, Alexsis, back in action. She sure did look hot.

Allison's pairing with Cyndi Lauper was . . . OK. It didn't let Allison's voice shine. But, it was a cool moment.

Megan's singing with Mike on one of Steve Martin's songs was . . . fitting. Quirky song, quirky voice. I liked it.

I actually thought Matt sand Black Magic Woman pretty good. Similarly, I thought Kris did a good job with Urban.

I expected Lionel Ritchie to be pathetic, bit he wasn't. Danny did great. As I've said so many times now, he's got a natural soul in his voice that sounds great.

Speaking of pathetic, however, Rod Stewart seemed a bit off. He's a well known tipper (as in glass) and he staggered a bit at the open of Maggie May. My guess IS that he was drunk. Who knows? I thought it was a lackluster performance.

The award sections were pretty funny. While she makes me vomit, the bit with Tatiana was good. If nothing else, she was a good sport about the whole thing.

Skank bikini girl did seem genuinely surprised when Kara came out, and was bothered by it. For her part, Kara did great. That girl can sing! And what a rockin bod! Though she was clearly not comfortable showing it off. Which is nice change. When you've got a less talented skank all too willing to claim her fame just cuz she's willing to show some skin, it's nice to see actual talent not feeling they have to resort to that.

Then . . . Adam . . . and Kiss. I thought seeing David Cook sing with ZZ Top was awesome. Adam singing with Kiss was incredible! What a perfect fit! Mr. Theatrics meets the theatrical rock band. Plus, he sounded great. While Gene Simmons doesn't think Adam has a rock n roll voice, I thought he did great.

But, not as good as Adam did with Queen. Wow. There's an absolute perfect match. If Queen is looking for a front man, they've found him. If there's anyone who can sing on the level of Freddie Mercury, Adam can. Plus, as with Kiss, his theatric nature is a perfect fit. Adam with Queen would be awesome. I'd pay to see that.

As for the outcome . . . what a load of crap. Of course, it really doesn't matter as those who haven't won Idol have done very well. It's just thinking that, in some way, Kris has more talent than Adam . . . or Danny, or Allison, or Alexsis, and he doesn't. I'm sure Kris won for several reasons. First, all the tweens that voted for him. Bastard is good looking. Two, Danny's from Milwaukee. Three, Allison wasn't/isn't a skank and didn't win the horny boy vote. And, Adam's vague sexuality and the release of photos showing him sucking face with another guy likely turned many people off. The biggest shockers still, for me, is Alexsis, she got booted way too early, and the judges using their "save" card for Matt. That was a complete waste.

So, now we see and hear what happens next. David Cook hasn't made any huge splashes since winning. Archuleta is basically doing Disney. Much to my daughter's dismay. Danny, Adam, Alexsis and Allison, to me, are very marketable. It will be interesting to see what they all do next. There's the Idol tour which will keep them busy for a bit. After that . . . ?

Season 9.

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