Friday, May 08, 2009

Quick hits for a Friday

First he was. Then, he wasn't. Now, he might be. I would love to see Aaron Rodger wear the #4 jersey this season.

Here's one of the dumbest editorials I read about the Carrie Prejean ordeal:

Miss Cali: Pretty Until She Opens Her Mouth

You know what's offensive? Perez Hilton judging a women's beauty contest. If this retard is so concerned about tolerance, why isn't she upset that the question was asked in the first place?

Kris stays, but Allison goes home. One reason Allison got booted is that she isn't a fake boobed blond skank, luring the vote of the horny boys. I'm sure Kris' fan base of JoBro'd preens is rather large, and the reason he's moved on. I think Allison is a babe. She's not Britney . . . thank god. She has real talent. I'm sure we'll hear more from her in the future. Still, it's a shame.

Pelotox is a liar.

Now that Doyle has raised every fee and tax he can, without saying he did, why doesn't he just spend more, like Obama, to fix the State budget?

Speaking of Obama . . . while his budget trimming is akin to pissing in the ocean, he still is trimming. And, I'll give him credit for that. What's interesting, of course, is what he's trimming and the backlash he may suffer as a result.

My heart goes out to those in California dealing with the wild fires.

Somebody help me. Why does Obama continue to hold town hall meetings?

We're allowed to rip a CD and put it on our iPods. But we can't rip a DVD to do the same . . . according to copyright laws. RealNetworks is fighting the fair use battle in court trying to defend their software which allows one to rip a DVD for personal use. This battle has been going on since the VCR came along. Real may ultimately lose, and that will be a shame, but it shows how out of touch hollywood execs are. There will always be a method to rip a DVD. Hollywood would be better off embracing the technology than trying to make criminals of those who actually buy DVD's and want it on their iPod.

Speaking of movies . . . I watched Gran Torino finally. Uh, might I be the only one who thought this wasn't that good? I liked the story, but the movie, I thought, was poorly directed and poorly acted. Not sure what the big hype was all about.

Happy Friday!

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