Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I wonder if Jenny McCarthy has read this?

Unvaccinated Kids Getting Whooping Cough

Probably not.


Anonymous said...

We had a newborn baby who had whooping cough along with his mom. I wonder if his mom was ever vaccinated?

Jimi5150 said...

There ya go.

Yeah. I don't know what I mean, either.

Anonymous said...

I was vaccinated and I got it as an adult. There have been clusters of outbreaks for decades - we had an outbreak here in our town - fourteen people got it. No one knows why, everyone of us had been vaccinated. No one was hospitalized and no one died. We were told this scenario is pretty common. It wasn't a lot of fun to have - all those coughing spells can leave you kinda sore, and the laryngeal spasms are scary when you think you can't breathe - but there wasn't any fever. Whooping cough isn't deadly. If you have to get a childhood disease, this is probably one of the better ones to get.

I don't hold with vaccinations being bad or giving one autism, but I do think there are way too many given to kids now. Some kids are getting twelve shots in a span of eighteen months. There's a lot of JAMA articles about the probabilities of the too many vaccinations at once causing diabetes and even heart failure in babies because their immune system is so overloaded. Many parents and some doctors are now advocating a fewer vaccinations and in lower doses strung out over a longer period of time.

Jean RN

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about vaccinations - here's what the don't tell you:

1) For 20% of those vaccinated, it doesn't take.
2) For everyone else, the immune period lasts from six months to ten years, but they can't tell who gets it for how long. This means some people get over-vaccinated, and some need boosters sooner.
3) Side effects are not always mild and are traditionally underreported. Either parents don't mention it to their doctors or the doctors don't pass along the information. Side effects are much more common than people think. Babies have been hospitalized for them, but it's usually listed as something else.
4) The dose for most vaccines is based on guess work and adjusted as side effects are documented. The Hepatitis vaccine, for example, when they decided needed to be given to all newborns before they left the hospital, was the same dosage as for an adult. Same thing with the Rotovirus vaccine. A few kids even died because of this.
5) In the 1960s, Jonas Salk, inventor of the Polio vaccine, stood before Congress and pleaded for them to take the vaccine off the market until a new one was made because every single new case of polio in the US since 1962 was caused by the vaccine itself. Congress said no. It wasn't until the late 1990s that a new vaccine using a dead virus (the original vaccine introduced live polio into children) was used in the US. The old one is still used overseas, and still introduces polio into third world populations.
6) Statistics on death rates and life-long complications caused by childhood diseases are taken from third world countries where hygiene and nutrition are major factors, and where medical help is all but nonexistent. In the US, in the last fifty years, no child has died of measles, mumps, rubella, diptheria, rotovirus, or pertusis (whooping cough), and only one - that's ONE - has died of chicken pox, and that child had many other medical conditions. This lack of death statistics in the US is not because of the vaccines - many many children have contracted these diseases, both in vaccinated populations and in unvaccinated populations.

There is NO documented evidence of children being at risk for contracting Hepatitis B. The decision to vaccinate every newborn came about by vote at an annual Pediatrician Association Conference in the 1990s because they wanted to be able to say they helped prevent a disease. Never mind that Hepatits B, which is a blood-borne disease - is completely curable in over 75% of the cases without any treatment, and is 100% curable with treatment.

There is a reason some of these diseases were called childhood diseases. A child got sick and recovered and gained a life long immunity. An adult with the same disease has a much higher chance of being sicker, recovering more slowly, and needing hospitalization for complications such as encephalitis, pneumonia, hearing loss, or rib fractures (coughing). Childhood vaccinations don't give life long immunity, meaning it's more likely for an adult to get the disease.

Jimi5150 said...

Here's where I admit to being on the fence . . . and agree with Jean. Which goes to my comment in the other post . . .

First, one can read one thing that says this, and another that says that. Some years back I interviewed a bunch of allergist in New York. One of the topics I was researching a script for was immunology. Of the 10 "prominent" allergists I talked to, there was dissenting opinion on whether allergy shots helped asthmatics.

So it is with much of medicine . . . there's no real consensus on many issues. Part of that, to me, is that they just don't know . . . for sure. As was mentioned, guess work.

That's why they call it . . . a practice.

Yuk yuk.

Pregnant Mother said...

I too found the whole topic of vaccines daunting but found some excellent, unbiased, well researched information on the "Well Adjusted Babies" website....
perhaps check it out for yourself?

Jimi5150 said...

Which is why I think common sense is a good approach . . . and why government shouldn't be mandating ANYTHING. But, a different thread.

I'll check the website out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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