Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Idol Chatter

Main Entry: in·jus·tice
Pronunciation: \(ˌ)in-ˈjəs-təs\
Function: noun
1 : absence of justice : violation of right or of the rights of another : unfairness
2 : an unjust act : wrong

The last word says it all . . . WRONG. As I told my wife and tweeted, Kris did a good job on last night's show. Probably the best performance he's had. Ever. Still, while he might have kicked 2 field goals from 55 yards out, Danny and Adam kicked two field goals from 75 yards out.

Give me a break. The vocal talents that both Danny and Adam posses are FAR grater than that of Kris'. Kris is ok. Very middle of the road. Very boring. There's no compelling reason to listen to him sing a second song. He has no stage personality what so ever. Maybe he'd make a good bluesy folk singer. Think the tweens that make up his fan base are going to buy that CD?

I don't think so.

There's no question Adam is a vocal force. It's uncanny how he sings. Plus, he's got stage personality. Almost to a point of over load. Still, he's a freak. He has vocal ability like Ian Gillan. The likes of which Idol has never seen before. He's sure to win.

But, Danny . . . he had the most natural cool of them all. Allison had it, too. Something about the way they sing, the way they sound, it exposes them. Danny's rendition of You Are So Beautiful gave me goosebumps. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The other day I came across a celebrity site that had some vote on American Idol. I voted for Danny. I got quite a surprise when I got the results. Over 35,000 people had voted. Adam had 15k, Kris 12k and Danny 8k. A distant third.

Turns out the sampling was accurate.

Clearly everyone thought it would be Danny and Adam in the final. I sure did. Unfortunately, this isn't about actual talent anymore.

One can never under estimate the power of the tween vote.

Congratulations, Danny. You sure made me proud! Hopefully we'll hear more from you in the future.


Chris from Racine said...

As I said this morning, upon further reflection I'm glad Danny is gone. Most, if not all, of the winners have gone pretty much nowhere, while the runners-up have good careers. Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, just to name two.

That being said, it was just plain wrong. The final three should have been Danny, Alison and Adam, with the final two being ??? Kris should NOT be there.

Soapbox Jill said...

Complaining about the tween vote thing kinda makes us feel a little old, doesn't it?

This idol vote reminded me, actually, of the November presidential election: young, undiscerning, inexperienced voters taking over control of things by electing a youngish, inexperienced president...

I agree with Chris that Danny's musical talent, appeal and stage presence make him a true "maverick" who will do fine without the Idol title.

Jimi5150 said...

The whole thing is really about thinking that Kris is a better vocal talent than is Danny. And that's just goofy. I agree, he'll do much better not having his strings being pulled by the Idol contract. How much have we heard from Cook? Not much. I'm sure we're about to as his year will be up.

Having said that, I don't think Danny is going to seek the limelight. He's very grounded and really wants to get back to his family, friends, and church. He may actually be happy he didn't win. This will do more for what he wants to accomplish through his faith than being a star.

Chris from Racine said...

I read today that he is looking forward to using his "fame" for the purpose of bringing awareness to his foundation. That doesn't surprise me one bit. This guy is for real, and I'm damn proud that Milwaukee is represented by such a grounded person.