Monday, May 11, 2009

Wanda Sykes

I like humor. Any regular reader knows that. I use humor a lot. Mostly in a self deprecating fashion, and mostly dry, but humor none the less. I don't expect everyone to like my brand of humor, nor do I expect everyone to "get it". But, I try to be witty on a universal level.

Along those lines, I don't mind anyone taking a shot at someone else for the sake of a laugh. There are many good Bush jokes. There are many good indian jokes. Again, I think the ability to laugh at one's self is essential.

But, I have two rules. One, jokes have to be funny. Two, while I don't mind shocking (dead baby jokes come to mind) there is a line. Bill Maher wearing a t shirt with a bloody heart that's been stabbed after the death of Steve Irwin was just tasteless. Not surprising, but tasteless.

So it is with Wanda Sykes. Her joke about wanting Limbaugh's kidneys to fail just wasn't funny. Now, dogging on people you don't like is often kind of amusing, I admit. But there are two issues about this that bother me. First, the reference to 9-11 in the joke. Tasteless. Second, the President shown laughing his fool head off. Is this guy that clueless?

It's one thing for Sykes to make retarded comments about Rush being a terrorist and wanting his kidneys to fail. It doesn't surprise me. And, I know it's a joke. Or, it was supposed to be. The fact that Sykes doesn't seem to have much of a career as a comedienne might say something about her comedic intellect. But, I digress.

The other thing that bothers me is the President laughing about references to 9-11 . . . and not so funny jokes. I could care less if he laughs at or about Rush. Though, he probably shouldn't be laughing at desires to wish him dead. I don't know. Maybe it's me. Holding the PRESIDENT to some kind of standard went out of style with Clinton.

No reason to expect anything new from Mr. Change.


Soapbox Jill said...

I really enjoyed seeing the President of the United States laughing at jokes about the deaths of private citizens, including radio hosts, don't you? Wonder what the secret service would do about a bunch of jokes about the death of the president, don't you?

Jimi5150 said...

Show his arrogance and complete inability of knowing what he's doing. Showed more about him than anything he's said up to this point.

The unfortunate thing is . . . he's the joke. He just doesn't realize it.