Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Idol Chatter

First, I'm glad to be done with that wannabe ass cloth Jamie Foxx. His performance sucked. What makes him an expert?

Anyway . . .

Rock isn't Kris' thing. He didn't suck, but he wasn't that good either. Clearly not in the same class as the rest.

Adam is effortless with his singing. His problem, though, is his phrasing. He was a little too smooth and polished tonight. He needed to rough it up a bit. Plus, his movements seems a bit contrived.

Danny did much better than the judges gave him credit for. I honestly don't know what goes through their minds at times. His voice is very compelling. The song choice was one where you couldn't wait to hear how he handled the end . . . which he did extremely well. A little rough on the first note, but spot on on the others. For Simon to criticize the scream at the end . . . THAT'S HOW IT ENDS, DOOFUS!

Then . . . Allison. Jinkies! Again, what the judges were thinking . . . ? I'm starting to think it's an Adam conspiracy. Allison did great!! Such a natural talent with her voice, her expression, and her moves. While I know of one person who will disagree, she ruled the night.

The duets were cool. Kris wasn't in the same league as Danny, and Adam and Allison did great on their song.

Who goes home? Kris. If there's a second person in the bottom, I don't know. I want to say Adam but the coolness of his song may keep Adam out. Danny hasn't been in the bottom and performed well enough to stay. But does Simon carry any weight? Does Allison have enough supporters to keep her in?

Whatever. Kris goes home.

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Chris from Racine said...

Now who would disagree with you? Seriously though, I did think Adam took the night, but Alison did an outstanding job. She has mind-blowing talent for someone her age. If anyone but Kris goes home, I will be sorely disappointed.

I absolutely LOVED the duet with Alison & Adam. They are adorable!