Monday, December 22, 2008

Brett Favre vs Aaron Rodgers

It will be interesting to compare the stats of Rodgers and Favre at the end of the season. Obviously, two different teams and situations. It's impossible to make direct comparisons. Still. Right now Favre is getting pretty beat up in the New York media. While the Packers as a whole stink, few are blaming Rodgers.

One thing is for sure, Brett would not have made much difference on this team. Yes, there are about 6 games we could have won . . . two of those that Rodgers could have made a come back. But, as much as Aaron should have sustained a drive and scored, the defense should have made a final stand. I've said it before, Brett doesn't play defense. Neither does Aaron.

The bad news is that with Brett's dropping stock, as goes our draft pick. He keeps this up the Packers will end up owing the Jets a pick.

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