Monday, December 29, 2008

Drinking Right Christmas Party

I came a little late, but did show up. Most of the festivities had already been fested and all that was left was to cheer the Packers and do a little socializing.

I saw a few new faces and really didn't get a chance to introduce myself. Sorry for that.

A few of the regulars got to meet my wife and daughter. Which had to have been a breath of fresh air for them.

I got to meet SIlent E for the first time, and his lovely wife. It's one of those situations where you feel you've known someone for years, yet never met. I hope they make a few of the Tuesday "meetings".

But, I really have to thank Asian Badger. He made me look good in front of the wife and child. Not that I need any help, mind you, but it came as a nice surprise to my wife. The Badge and I pinky swore to be nice to each other in 2009. Hmm. A few days left.

Nice to see Fred up, around, happy, and healthy. While I share a love of Music with E, Fred and I share back problems.

I don't share anything with Chad, and I think I'm happy about that. Actually, I have to thank Chad. I don't think my wife has ever heard my name yelled out when entering a bar. Ever.

I saw a couple of Obama items that I assume were white donkey gifts. Kinda glad I didn't participate.

See everyone next year! Have a great New Year's holiday!


The Chad said...

you're welcome sir.

Where's my money? :P

Chris from Racine said...

BTW - your daughter is beautiful - must take after your wife!! Seriously, you have a wonderful family...not that I need to tell you! :)

Jimi5150 said...

Chad. Next one is on me.

Chris, thanks. The only thing I couldn't have done better.