Monday, December 29, 2008

What I Got for Christmas

At Chad's request . . .

A bunch of new Packer duds. Shirts and sweats. Good thing. I needed them.I wore my hawaiian shirt to the Christmas party. Badge took notice. But, it was before he said we should treat each other nice.

A robe. Needed that, too.

Biggest gift was a cell phone. Very basic with a basic plan. I never really wanted one and have actually avoided getting one. I hate talking on the phone. But, it got to a point of need. And the fact that prices have come down on plans. It actually came in use tonight. The family went to La Fuentes for dinner. We forgot the Visa and had little cash. I needed to find out if the check card was covered. A quick call on the cell, and . . . drinks for everyone! You should have been there.

BTW, Chad said he received a Foreman grill. I bought my wife a Panini grill. The Griddler Jr by Cuisinart. Awesome. It really does take sandwiches to a new level. Christmas morning we made scrambled egg panini sandwiched. The other night . . . peanut butter panini's. You haven't lived if you've never had one of these.

No new Croc's this year. The ones from last year still have a lot of tread on them.

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