Monday, December 29, 2008

Michelle Obama

I was waiting in line at the grocery store and saw Michelle Obama's picture on the cover of what I think was called "Black Hair Magazine'. I've looked for it online but can't find it. A couple of things struck me about it.

First, and this has nothing to do with anything, I don't find her attractive. At all. I think Laura Bush is pretty. Not cute, or gorgeous . . . pretty. Pleasant looking. Michelle is a little hard on the eyes. I do think Obama is a handsome man. Not a hunk, or anything, but easy to look at. I know, who cares?

Second, holy photoshop, was this picture retouched. Redbook magazine has a huge tendency to retouch the cover photos, but good gosh, this is waaaaaaaay much.

Lastly, for all the heat Sarah got about her hair style, what about the June Cleaver doo Michelle has been sporting lately? Wow. I think it looks terrible.

If I find the pic, I'll post it. If you're at the store, look for it. It's quite startling.


Found it.


Chris from Racine said...

The Obama picture is not showing up... :(

Coop said...

Um... holy crap. She looks like she's made out of plastic.

Jimi5150 said...

Yeah, like a mannequin,