Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My 9 year old daughter won the football pool

Actually, twice now. I manage my work place football pool. There's about 20 to 25 people who regularly play so the pot is nice. Pays for the year and some. I won once. Here's how this goes down . . .

The pool is a guess the winners pool. Theoretically, the more you know about football, the better chances you have. Yeah, right. Tell the NFL that. Every week I make my picks. I'd like to think I'm an informed player. The last two years in the WISN pool I've ranked in the 90-ish percentile, so I've got some proof. Anyway, after I make my picks I call my girlie to make hers. As we go through the teams I'll, sometimes, let her know that that particular pick isn't a good choice. That, odds are, the stronger team will win. The Cowpokes and the Seahawks is a good example. I wouldn't let her pick the Seahawks. For all the other games, 13 out 16 games or so, it's her. Then I give her the over/under line and let her pick a number.

So, she won this past weekend. And, she won in the tie breaker. Five people, including me, had 10 correct. Of the five, though, she was closest with total points scored with 50.

Nine year old. Girl. Beating her daddy in the football pool.

Yeah, yeah, flyboy. Good thing she has her momma's brains, too.

Save it.


still Unreal... said...

so let me get this right...
you get schooled in you AF acumen by a little girl, yet you profess to rate other futbal around the world, right?

just checkin'.

Jimi5150 said...

That's correct. What's more, just to add to how smart my girlie is, when given the opportunity to play soc . . . futol in school, she sadi:

"Nah. It's a dumb game."