Monday, December 22, 2008


Winter's Snow

I like to watch the earth transform
from the brown and dead of fall
to the glistening white of winter
and the snow that blankets all

Winter brings serenity
as snowflakes come to rest
but there are things about winter I don't like
and some that I detest

WInter's also flu season
and everyone gets sick
My nose gets so congested
I'd like to auger it with a stick

Then there's ice, I hate the ice
salt your side walks all, I beg
cause I could come along and slip
and fall and break my leg

As it is, my joints they cry in pain
but I try to cope and grin
I do my stretching everyday
and pop some vicodin

Then there's driving on the roads
as I drive I curse and bitch
But laugh at all the SUV's
I see sitting in a ditch

For some, like skiers, winter's fine
it's hills and slopes they seek
But I'm content to stay inside
and log on to jimi the geek

Happy day after winter solstice everyone!

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Chris from Racine said...

Merry Christmas Jimi!!