Friday, July 04, 2008

Cell Phones Gone Wild

I've never been fond of cell phones. I understand their usefulness. But, our society has officially become OBSESSED with them. I was at Summerfest last night (Friday night). Many people . . . a lot of people were walking along with cell phones to their ear. Of course, in that environment, they were all struggling to have a conversation. Which makes me ask . . .

WHY?!?! What could possibly be so important as to have your flippin' cell phone to our ear while walking around at Summerfest?!?!

If you don't think cell phones distract a person in their car, you're an idiot. People can't WALK and avoid running in to you while on a cell phone. It scares me to think these same people get in a car and drive on the freeway with their cell phones glued to their ear.

Has this become the new "cool" thing? Like smoking . . . or having a cigarette in your mouth . . . was 50 years ago? Is it just an "image" thing? It must be. There can be no logical or practical reason for so many people to be on their cells while at Summerfest.
Well, let me tell you something . . .

It's stupid. It's annoying. You people look like the biggest idiots walking around. I understand calling to check in with mommy, meeting people, or arranging a ride. But, that's not what this was. Wanna chat with your BFF, cuz OMG, UR LMAO . . . go home. Stay home.

Of course, what worse, are those people who try to text while walking. That's a real treat. I don't care what it would cost . . . next time I'm going to walk around with a beer in a cup so I can spill it all over a person's cell phone when they run in to me while trying to text someone. It will be my mission to ruin as many of them as possible in a days time.

This has gotten out of control.

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