Sunday, July 06, 2008

Summerfest Epilog

Wow. Summerfest had a great run. Summerfest benefitted from 10 days of almost perfect weather. I'll be curious to see the numbers. I'll bet we break records. Of course, I have a few thoughts.

First, no shirt, get out. Or, allow the women to go topless. SInce that's not likely to happen, everyone wears a shirt. Yes, I'm sure you ladies love some of the eye candy. Problem is, there's a lot of eye vomit as well.

Second, I didn't make it last year for some reason. So this is the first I've seen many of the improvements. Of course, some are new for this year. The Harley Stage is spectacular. In fact, all the stage improvements have been great. One of the reasons it's $15 to get in this year. That's OK, though. At least I can see where my money is going.

But . . .

There at the same point they were 10 years ago or so with trying to cram too much in to a fixed space. I understand revenue, but there's too much.

I don't mind the extra security. But if it's what you have to do, get metal detectors. They don't have to be permanent. I think it would speed up the entrance process.

Install cell phone jamming devices for the entire place unless you're off the grounds. OK. I know that will never happen. But I can dream, can't I?

Anyway, on the the rest of the fests!

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